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Sendian Paints & Coats

Sendian Paints and Coats is the exclusive dealer for Benjamin Moore Paints (USA) in Qatar.

Sendian Paints & Coats is a very active in implementing turnkey paint projects in Qatar. SPC has executed numerous projects including private clients and governmental projects in Qatar. With the growth of the construction sector the need for quality paints has increased drastically. It is one of the major sources of revenue for SPC in the years of its history, having completed projects worth an excess of millions of Qatari riyals during this period, we hope to further heighten our position in this market. Over the years, SPC’s wide experience and time proven quality performance in executing a variety of projects blended with the company’s additional in-house resources has made it all the more competent in undertaking any kind of turnkey project.

We have our own equipment and full mixing center and mobile team cater to the clients with maximize efficiency.


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