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About Us


Welcome to the website of Sendian Group!

Sendian Group is committed to contribute to the sustainable growth of Qatar


To sustain our business viability enabled; we always response swiftly to all opportunities offered by a fast-changing economic landscape. Our strategic development plans are ambitious, broad, well considered and focus on building success and developing new themes. I believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, so the Group is actively seeking opportunities, with the aim of building the regional and global footprint.


At Sendian Group, we strictly follow the “S3 & CP” (Strategy-Structure-Systems-Culture-People) formula. Confident of our competitive advantage, strong project management skills, excellent pre-qualification credentials, integrated execution capabilities and high-quality human resources, we will continue to lead the way.


We aim for perfection in everything we undertake and we have a commitment to excel. It is the determination to transform every challenge into opportunity; to seize every opportunity to ensure growth and grow with human face; that drives us. We are very open and believe that if we cannot attempt anything, we should make a team of capable people, companies and groups. As a result, today we have a great team and a galaxy of international and domestic partners who are very capable and competent in their respective field of expertise.


We are here to generate hope and confidence by blazing new trails and living up to our promise that WE WILL CONVERT EVERY CHALLENGE INTO AN OPPORTUNITY!


Dr. Trilok Chandra Sharma
Managing Director, Sendian Group