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About Qatar

The State of Qatar is located halfway down the west coast of the Arabian Gulf to the east of the Arabian Peninsula. It is located between 24° 27′ and 26° 10′ north آ­latitudes and 50° 45′ and 51° 40′ east longitudes. It is a peninsula extending into the north in waters of the Gulf.


Capital City:
Doha is the capital of Qatar. It is situated halfway down the east coast of the Qatari peninsula. It has a big commercial seaport and an international airport that links it with the world. Almost fifty per cent of Qatar population resides in Doha. It is an important cultural and commercial centre .It enjoys excellent parks, luxurious hotels and big trade complexes, along with the most prominent civilizational milestones.


Land Area: Covering an area of 11,521 square kilometers.


Population:1,625,732 (FEB 2009est.)


Official Language: Arabic is the official language in Qatar, and English is widely spoken.


Religion: Islam is the official religion of the country.


Climate: Qatar has a desert climate with hot summer, with annual average temperatures between 25- 40°C in the summer. It has a mild winter with little rain its annual rain-fall average is estimated at 75.2 mm.


Major Towns: Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Khor, Dukhan, Mesaieed, Ras Lafan and others.


Currency: The official currency is the Qatari Riyal (QR), which is divided into 100 dirhams.
It issued by Qatar Central Bank. Denominations of QR include: one riyal, 5 riyals, 10 riyals, 100 riyals, 50 riyals and 500 riyals. There are coins of 50 dirhams and 25 dirhams.


The Exchange parity has been set at the fixed rate of US $ = 3.65 QR’s. There are no restrictions on money transfer or exchange in Qatar, whether in banks or exchange centers. However, one is required to produce his/her ID Card in case of transferring an amount that exceeds US$ 3000.


Independence: Qatar gained independence on September 3rd 1971.


Public Holidays: National Day: 18th December. Eid Al-Fitr: At the 1st of Shawwal. Eid Al- Adha: starts at 9th of Zilhijjah.


National Flag: The national  flag is maroon color with a broad vertical white stripe at the pole, the two colors being separated with a nine-point serrated line.


Qatar National Day: December 18th. Qatar celebrates its National Day in commemoration of the historic day in 1878 when Sheikh Jasim bin Mohamed Al Thani, the founder of the State of Qatar, took over as the ruler and led the country toward unity.


Local Time: 3 hours + Greenwich Mean Time.